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Trail Rides Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Is it ok for my 4 and 5 year old to go out on the trail ride? It will be their first ride.

While this trail ride is rated as an ok for beginners it is not the best way to introduce a youngster to riding. So with safety being our biggest concern we do not take this age on trail rides. We do offer lessons starting at age 3 years old in the arena.

2. Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Our message box fills up often, so we recommend e-mail.

3. If I call during the week can I get in on the following weekend?

Not always especially in the Spring, Summer and early fall. We are often booked 2 - 3 weekends out.

4. What do I need to bring?

Wear long pants and a boot with a heal (riding type) if you have it. Dress for the weather. If you are coming during the colder months bring gloves. We offer riding helmets.

5. What are your hours?

They vary as rides are done by appointment. On weekends we typically have a ride on Saturdays at 11:00pm and 2:00pm. Sunday’s 12:00pm and 3:00pm, but check for availability as we sometimes have private events that have been scheduled and ride times can change. We also offer rides during
the weekdays (often easy to get in the next day).

6. I have never been on a horse before. Is this ride for me?

That depends. If you are confident and adventurous. You will most likely have a good time. If you are very timid and nervous I would recommend taking some lessons to feel comfortable around horses. They can be intimidating as they are large animals and if you have never been around them. You may not realize how you will react. And often they respond back how you really feel inside as they are very sensitive to emotion, which makes them great for therapy. The horse is a mirror to the soul rather you like it or not.

7. What is the trail ride like?

You go thru woods, a neighborhood, open field, ponds, more woods, open field, view of Mt. Rainer. We are in the City, so do expect some urban. Late spring early summer lots of flowers, migrating birds. We do on occasion see deer, owls, coyotes, hawks and eagles.

8. Should I show up early?

If you don’t mind waiting.

9. Do the rides go out right at the scheduled time?

Not always. We do not usually saddle the horses until you arrive. This can take 15 - 30mins depending on how many are going. We care and respect our horses as living beings and do not leave them saddled standing around all day.

10. What happens if I am late or forget my ride?

We leave when we are saddled and have all the riders up. If we are gone when you get here then you will lose your ride. As we did have a horse waiting for you.

11. Should I tip my host?


12. I have a groupon should I bring it with me?

Yes. You will need to pay regular price if you don’t bring your groupon with you. We prefer a paper copy.

13. What age do you allow on the trail?

That depends. We use 8 years old as a starting range. If your child has had lessons and is confident, then we will make exceptions. If your child is any age and very scared then highly recommend lessons and not the trail ride.

14. If the trail ride seems a bit more than I am up for can I take a lesson in the arena instead?

Yes, you can exchange your trail ride Groupon for an arena lesson. This will need to be scheduled at a different time.