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Attention  Groupon Customers and Living Social Please read:

If you have purchased a petting farm pass  the petting farm is open from 10-5pm  Wednesday-Sunday

If you have purchased a group riding lessons  please push the schedule button on the lower left corner of the screen and sign up on the meetup site that hosts our calendar.

If you have purchased  a 25min horse ride and petting farm pass you do not need to make a Rsvp.    Come anytime from 10-5pm  Wednesday-Sunday.      We are busy during the summer months so do expect a wait for horses.   The 25 min ride is not a trail ride. 
Our summer camps run from  the last week in June Thurs the end of August during the weekdays,so the best times for the 25 min ride are after 1:00Pm  this does not mean that we can not get you in, you just may have a waiting time of witch you can enjoy the petting farm.

If you have a trail ride please use the schedule button on the lower left corner to schedule.   You will need to sign up and join my meetup site, even if you do not see a spot on the calendar.    I e-mail messages to the group thru this site when I add more rides or lesson times.   You will be notified as well as cancellations.  

Also you need to remember that Morris's Shadow Mt Stables is a working farm.   That means we have dirt and poo,  so dress appropriately.    This means no flip flops, sandals, or shape up shoes. Long pants for riding, rain jackets, bug spray, sunscreen. gloves if you need them.   We offer helmets we do not supply wardrobes.

If you would like to volenteer please contact us.

Petting Farm hours: Open May 1st - Oct 31st  -----  Wednesday - Sunday  10:00am - 5:00pm 
We will be closed  May 31st - June 7th 2013
In the winter time areas of the farm do get muddy so dress appropriately.